A Unique Hanukkah Celebration

We just had to share this idea!

Hanukkah cookiesToday one of our clients in Los Angeles ordered 3 bags of blue and white cookies for Hanukkah. They are for her annual “Vodka and Latkes” party.

This is her 4th year and it has grown from a handful of people to more than 60! For the first time this year, she is having waitstaff who will be carrying trays of different flavors of shots; peach, marshmallow, etc. After you drink the shot, you eat a latke.

order potato latkes for Hanukkah

She serves her latkes with caviar and crème fraiche. The party is “all about having fun and celebration.” Festive attire is requested on the invitation. Her 23 year old daughter came up with the idea. Good thing she was already “legal” to drink!

Throw your own version of Vodka and Latkes! We’ve got the best potato latkes right here to get your party started!

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