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Shopping for Bar Mitzvah Invitiations

Just met with a very nice “invitation lady” and started this process for the third time. This is for my 3rd son, Mike, whose Bar Mitzvah is on June 3. I was pretty surprised when I pulled up in her driveway for 2 reasons:

1) For our last Bar Mitzvah (Harry), we did them ourselves. But since I feel like my computer is attached to me I saw no reason to add more time in front of it. What a luxury to have someone else take care of this!

2) It’s so early (for me)! Seeing that I like to wait to almost the last minute for just about everything, I was just surprised that I started on time! Just imagine how good I’d be at this if I have a few more kids (not).

So here’s a picture of the invitation that I like, guaranteed my husband and son will not approve (why even bother showing Mike?? Why have that power at 12 years old?)
I wrote an article for my website about planning a Bar Mitzvah. That was back in 2003. Let’s see if I can follow my own advice! Stay tuned to find out!

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