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New Holiday Products

My favorite thing about my job is talking to you–our beloved customers. Whether it’s to hear of something we did with awesome greatness or about a problem where our “human-ness” got in the way, speaking to you allows me to learn more how Challah Connection can secure that special place in your heart called “online home.”

My second favorite job activity is finding new products for you. I have been having ALOT OF FUN lately! I’ve scoured the food shows, gift shows and every possible place to find you gifts that you want to share with friends and family–or for yourself! My travels have produced some exciting new kosher gifts, such as the NYC Food Tour Tower, Happy Hanukkah Chocolate Gift Box and Blissful Brownie Gift Box (we are happily working our way through the sample box sent to our office–these are GOOD). As for Jewish and Judaica gifts, we have some gorgeous new menorahs, dreidels and decorations from Emily Rosenfeld, Gary Rosenthal, Tamara Baskin and some terrific Israeli artists. We have also found a really impressive new artist, Murray Eisner, who has taken a pop art approach and applied it to some of our favorite food icons. His prints make stunning additions to your homes and offices. Finally, for all of the baseball lovers out there (and there are alot of you!), we have teamed up with Steiner Sports to offer you Ballparks of the MLB and a baseball commemorating Derek Jeter’s 3000th hit.

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Corporate Gift Giving for Jewish Colleagues: Do’s and Don’ts

When you are sending corporate holiday gifts to Jewish clients, customers, employees, coworkers or even your Jewish boss, there are some do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:


Personal items are not appropriate for corporate gift giving, Challah Connection-Send anything that is too personal. A kosher food gift basket is the optimal gift for holidays including Hanukkah.

-Don’t send alcohol unless you know for a fact that the recipient drinks alcohol and there is no company rule against alcohol gifts.

-Review your company gift giving policy as well as the company policy of the recipient. There are often dollar and content restrictions on both sides.

-Don’t send different gifts to different people within the same office. You do not want to create tensions or questions as to why one person got “X” while another got “Y.”



Sweet Sentiments Holiday Basket, Challah Connection-Send a kosher basket that is large enough to feed the entire office.

-Send a kosher gift basket that every can eat. There are many food allergies that need to be considered—gluten free, nut free, sugar free. Do your research before selecting a gift to determine whether you need to address these.

-If you are sending to someone that is Muslim, a kosher gift basket will often be acceptable.

-If you have determined that alcohol is appropriate, wine from Israel is a special gesture (do not send alcohol to anyone who is Muslim—this is strictly forbidden).

California Dried Fruit and Nut Crate, Challah Connection-Send your gifts from a company that has a deep understanding of kosher food rules. You can determine if they do by asking a few questions such as: “What is your kosher certification?” or “What is the certification of Product XYZ?” If they need to ask many other people (and put you on hold for a long time), the company is not well versed in kosher/Jewish gift giving. The right company should also have a wide array of kosher gifts, not just 2 or 3. It is preferable to select a company where their entire shop is kosher (challahconnection and koshergiftbox are 100% certified kosher). Finally, the selected company should have experience with corporate orders and is willing to resolve any product or delivery issues that may arise.

-Be sure to include a gift message with your gift. Common corporate messages are “Happy Holidays, Wishing you a happy and prosperous 201X” or Happy Holidays, We appreciate your business and look forward to our continued relationship in 201X.” NOTE: Happy Holidays encompasses all December holidays without offending anyone. However, if you know that your recipients celebrate Hanukkah or Christmas, you can alter the introduction accordingly ie Happy Hanukkah or Merry Christmas.Rugelach Gift Tin, Challah Connection

Above are some of Challah Connection’s most popular kosher corporate holiday gifts.


Jane Moritz is Owner and Chief Maven Officer of Challah Connection and Kosher Gift Box, the premiere online purveyors of traditional kosher gifts for Jewish holidays, shiva, Jewish birthday celebrations and all Jewish gift giving occasions. Her companies have been “Creating Kvells Since 2002.”

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Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen in NYTimes

Smitten Kitchen cookbook author Deb Perelman New York Times article
We love Deb Perelman’s cookbook!

I was so happy to see this New York Times article last weekend, about Deb Perelman and the Smitten Kitchen.

Deb Perelman, who happens to be Jewish, is one of my favorite cookbook writers. The New York Times article about the Smitten Kitchen‘s creator says, “Mrs. Perelman’s style appears to resonate particularly with young women learning to cook. She is conversational, self-deprecating and often seems to be confessing, without ever really yielding embarrassing details.”
Indeed, she is a self-taught chef who used to be a art therapist and makes everything in a tiny little kitchen in New York City. I’m sure she’s finding that cooking is great therapy, too!
Check out Deb Perelman’s Smitten Kitchen cookbook. It makes a great Christmas gift or holiday gift, especially for the under 40 set on your gift list.

Smitten Kitchen Cookbook Christmas Holiday Gift

The new cookbook isn’t “Jewish,” but it does include some fabulous Jewish recipes mixed in with over 100 recipes in total.
Any aspiring chef, new bride, recent college grad, or adventurous cook will love this cookbook. Send it to anyone who celebrates Christmas, Kwanzaa, or “Festivus”! BUY! $74.99
Looking for other unique Christmas gifts or non-denominational holiday gifts? Challah Connection is here to help you select just the right holiday gift – for any holiday! Call us for more great gifting ideas or help deciding what to choose.

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Kosher Corporate Holiday Gifts

Kosher Corporate Gifts for Jewish Colleagues

It’s tricky enough to find the ideal corporate gift. When it’s a company holiday gift for a Jewish colleague, it can be even more complicated! Not all Jews keep kosher, but when you’re sending a holiday gift you want to be extra careful to make the best impression. Sending kosher corporate holiday gifts from the Challah Connection will give you total peace of mind, and we’ll make the selection process super easy. We even help you with the most appropriate gift card language!

Our kosher certified company gifts will make you look like a gifting superstar! Whether your colleagues keep kosher or not, they’ll appreciate that our corporate holiday gifts are very high quality and kosher certified. Here are some kosher corporate gifts to consider sending your Jewish colleagues.

kosher corporate gifts pure essentials

This Corporate Holiday Gift is a Best Seller

This is a kosher holiday gift that’s been one of our top sellers for close to 8 years. Fresh and delicious baked goods that are great for Hanukkah and Christmas – a fresh challah (think:french toast), our signature babka and favorite rugelach, and gourmet dried fruits. These baked goodies are always shipped in peak freshness, so they can’t be in transit more than 3 days. Send it soon!  BUY! $94.99


Send a Corporate Gift for the Whole Office

kosher corporate gifts Hanukkah Christmas

When you need a corporate holiday gift that makes a whole office happy, this is the one to choose! It’s for up to 12 people, and includes a mix of delectable sweets and special savories. Granny Smith Apple Coffee Cake, rugelach, and California dried fruits are complemented by savory treats including gourmet Brazilian cashews, Meditalia Basil Tapenade and Smoked Salmon Pate. And they’ll love the non-denominational white tin and wicker basket adorned with snowflakes. BUY! $199.99


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Christmas & Holiday Gift Giving

Non-Denominational Holiday Gifts: Do it Right, Make it Special

Whatever holiday your friend, colleague or family is celebrating this season, we’ll help you send the perfect gift. At Challah Connection we love helping people send high-quality, delicious gifts to people celebrating so many different joyous events in life. We can help you decide on just the right kosher holiday gift that we know anybody would appreciate, even if they don’t know what “kosher” means. That’s because when it comes from Challah Connection, what they’ll really see is your thoughtfulness in sending such a splendid and delectable gift!

Americans generally think of Hanukkah, Christmas and now Kwanzaa as “the” winter holidays. But there are other joys celebrated this time of year as well.

December 8th is Bodhi Day, marking the day that the Buddha experienced enlightenment (“Bodhi”). The winter solstice is on December 21st, which a friend of mine’s yoga center celebrates with a Winter Solstice kirtan. They close out the year with an ancient fire ceremony called a “homa hotra” – you write on one piece of paper what you need to let go of from the past, and on another what you wish for the future. Then you throw your papers into the homa hotra fire and send their messages toward the heavens in the flame and smoke. Sounds a lot like some Jewish New Year activities, doesn’t it?

December 21 is also the beginning of the Hindu festival of Pancha Ganapati, celebrated through December 25 in honor of Lord Ganesha, Patron of Arts and Guardian of Culture. Of course then there’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which is followed by Boxing Day in British enclaves. December 26th is also the beginning of Kwanzaa, which is celebrated through January 1st.

There are so many lovely holiday traditions to celebrate across many faiths. Sending a non-denominational holiday gift can really be the best way to go to show you care and you wish them happiness and peace. Here are some great ideas of what to send.

kosher corporate gifts pure essentials

Everyone loves challah and it makes a wonderful batch of holiday French toast – no matter what holiday that is! And this cheery basket includes delicious ethnic treats like babka and rugelach while being decorated in a cheerful yet non-specific holiday way.  BUY! $94.99

wine basket holiday gift corporate Jewish gifts

Celebrating any of the winter holidays is more cheerful with our elegant wine basket gift. It is a kosher certified holiday gift, but it is also totally non-denominational. A bottle of wine and some sweet and savory treats to enjoy with it – sounds like a holiday to us!  BUY! $124.99

We’re Here to Help!

Call us for any help you need in selecting the right holiday gift for your clients and colleagues. We’ll make sure whatever you select is culturally appropriate, right down to how you wish them a happy holiday – whatever holiday they’re celebrating! Orders placed by 12/18/12 can be shipped for just $9.99 flat rate ground shipping, and there’s no minimum order. (You could save an average of $6.50!)

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Holiday Gifts for Colleagues

Should you Send a Kosher Corporate Gift?

If you’re looking for a kosher holiday gift for a colleague, Challah Connection is here to help you out, and help you make the best impression with your colleagues! Sending a kosher holiday gift to a colleague is a thoughtful gesture they will appreciate, regardless of whether they keep kosher or not. Sending a company holiday gift from the Challah Connection is a simple way to ensure your colleague is getting the perfect gift. We’ll even help you with the most appropriate gift card language! Our kosher certified company holiday gifts will make you, and your company, look great!

What Is “Kosher-Certified”?

Our kosher corporate holiday gifts feature products that are of the highest quality, and are kosher certified. That means all the ingredients used to prepare the product are kosher, and the production process itself is also kosher. Certified kosher products are specially labeled to identify the rabbi or kosher certification agency that certified them.  Remember that old commercial for Hebrew National? Kosher holiday gifts really do answer to a higher authority!

kosher corporate gifts pure essentials

What if My Colleague Celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas?

Here are two wintery-looking corporate holiday gifts you might want to choose from.

This cheerful non-denominational gift basket will appeal to everyone. It’s been a top seller here for many years. While this is a kosher holiday gift it really is also appropriate for colleagues who celebrate Christmas. Jewish or not, everyone loves challah and it makes a wonderful batch of holiday French toast! Gourmet treats like babka and rugelach are holiday treats anyone can appreciate. This is a great corporate holiday gift for an office where you have Jewish colleagues and colleagues who celebrate Christmas.  BUY! $94.99

wine basket holiday gift corporate Jewish gifts

Our elegant wine basket is also a stylish and elegant choice for clients and colleagues who celebrate any of the winter holidays. It is a kosher certified holiday gift, but it is also totally non-denominational. A bottle of wine and some sweet and savory treats to enjoy with it – sounds like a holiday to us!  BUY! $124.99

We’re Here to Help!

Call us for any help you need in selecting the right holiday gift for your clients and colleagues. We’ll make sure whatever you select is culturally appropriate, right down to how you wish them a happy holiday – whatever holiday they’re celebrating! Orders placed by 12/18/12 can be shipped for just $9.99 flat rate ground shipping, and there’s no minimum order. (You could save an average of $6.50!)

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Best Corporate Kosher Gifts & Catalog Coming

Hannukkah gift catalog

Need a Kosher Holiday Gift for Clients?

Our new catalog is chock full of wonderful company gifts, with  20 new gift items in our Hanukkah Gifts department. We know you’ll find just the right holiday gift for your clients, but please do call for any help making your selections: 866-242-5524. Here are 3 kosher corporate holiday gifts that you might want to consider. And remember, you save 10% when you order by 11/25/12*


corporate holiday gift rugelah Jewish holidays

Our Rugelach won “Best Mail Order Dessert”

David Rosengarten dubbed this the best, and says it’s one of Sarah Kagan’s “Eight Delicious Hanukkah Gifts.” BUY! $44.99 You may want to have them packaged in a tin with your company’s logo. Makes a great kosher holiday gift for any customer. Contact us and we’ll get it all set up for you!

wine basket holiday gift corporate Jewish gifts

This Elegant Wine Basket is a Stylish Holiday Gift for Clients

Perfect for your clients and customers, with Binyamina Cabernet Sauvignon and delicious gourmet snacks. Stylish, and delicious! BUY! $124.99

Send A Company Gift for Everyone to Enjoy!

Kosher corporate holiday gift

We love this great corporate gift because it has enough treats to make their entire staff smile! Two pounds (seventeen varieties) of artisan chocolate-covered cherries, nuts, and berries from the Pacific Northwest. They’ll love it! BUY! $59.99

Save 10% When You Order by November 25, 2012

Just enter code HAN1210 on the checkout page when you place your order over $60, exclusive of shipping. Cannot be combined with any other offer. This code will also ensure that your order will be delivered by December 8, 1st night of Chanukah, if that is your preference.

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2011 A Kinder Holiday Season

This holiday season is going to be a remarkable and beautiful one. Simply by the fall of the calendar, people of many faiths will be sharing their holiday traditions—together.

As a Jew, I often feel isolated and left out when so many people around me are celebrating Christmas. Conversely, I know that my Christian friends often feel the same when we are frying up the latkes and lighting the menorah. This year, it will all be different.

This year, Hanukkah spans an 8 day period during which Christmas falls. Even better, Christmas Eve is on Saturday night—party night–and naturally, Christmas day follows on Sunday.

So, what makes this holiday season 2011 different from other holiday seasons?

We will all be celebrating together, on the same day, which is beautiful and remarkable because we will:

For those of you who celebrate both holidays—and I know there are many—this year promises to have less stress and more joy. No need to have 2 celebrations, but rather one, joyous, peaceful one.

What to Bring to a Holiday Celebration
Going to a party where both Hanukkah and Christmas are being celebrated? This is a perfect opportunity to share Hanukkah traditions while also acknowledging Christmas traditions. Potato Latkes, Blue and White Cookies, a Hanukkah gift Basket–all lovely choices for sharing.

I wish you the warmest of holidays seasons. Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas!

Jane Moritz
Owner, Challah Connection

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Kosher Gifts and More for Hanukkah and Holidays

Here at Challah Connection, we are always developing new kosher gifts for you to share with friends and family. To that end, we travel to many national food shows and gourmet food shops in Manhattan, Brooklyn and our local CT neighborhood–wherever we know fabulous foods exist that can be paired into fabulous kosher gift baskets.

In time for your holiday gift giving, I am pleased to announce terrific new kosher gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas as well as some gorgeous new Judaica (menorahs and dreidels) that we have sourced for Hanukkah. All of these new gifts make terrific Hanukkah gifts and Holiday gift baskets.

One of my favorite new kosher gifts, NYC Food Tour Tower, is a collection of NYC iconic foods such as Dr. Brown’s soda, black and white cookies and more, assembled in sturdy “keeper” boxes that display a dramatic photo montage of NYC and Brooklyn’s top spots.

Another great new gift is our Happy Chanukah Chocolate Gift Box, so happy-looking and delicious.Our new Blissful Brownie Gift Box is great for large volume corporate gift giving or as a gift to Aunt Sue. As for Jewish and Judaica gifts, we have some gorgeous new menorahs, dreidels and decorations from Emily Rosenfeld, Gary Rosenthal, Tamara Baskin as well as a beautiful new ornament.
Shopping for a baseball fan? There are alot of you out there. I know that I will be giving my Yankee-fan-son “Jeter’s 3000 Hit Baseball.” For my nephew, who just moved into his first post-college apartment, what could be better than “Ballparks of the MLB,” a framed piece that includes real dirt from every MLB ballpark? Pretty exciting!

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to peruse our new and “old favorite” holiday gifts. As I hope you realize, we work very hard to find the finest gifts for all of your gift-giving needs. If you have product suggestions, please let me know, we want to hear them!

Jane Moritz
Owner, Challah Connection

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For the Jews of Fairfield County, Christmas is AOK

When I was growing up in Stamford, CT back in the 60’s I really disliked Christmas. Most of my friends were Catholic or Protestant. Christmas was THEIR big day for presents and family and MY big day for feeling sad and left out. Making it worse, everything was closed–even movies, as I remember– so there was really nothing to do. I would pine away for the next day so we could go “back to normal.”

Seems like those days are way in the past. Christmas has become the day for Jews in the ‘burbs to enjoy. We have Chinese food, movies, and invitations to Christmas celebrations. Last night, for Christmas Eve our immediate and extended family gathered at a Chinese restaurant in New Canaan and then walked 2 storefronts over to see True Grit. I truly believe that the Jewish directors (Joel and Ethan Coen) and one of the Jewish executive producers (Steven Speilberg) made sure this terrific movie was available to all of us for Christmas. Thanks guys!! My son Sam, did a scientific survey and has concluded that 1) everyone in the restaurant went to same movie as us and 2) that they were all Jewish. You can read his blog post about it. Frankly, I’m not sure I agree with him especially given the demographic makeup of New Canaan.

Today, Christmas day, I am having a great, relaxing day of eating and cooking. Later, we’ll be sharing Christmas dinner with our friends George and Elaine, with whom we share a close cross cultural friendship. They are part of our extended family and have come to appreciate our favorite Jewish traditions while we love their Russian orthodox/Italian/Polish/Catholic ones. My mother is bringing Elaine’s favorite: brisket. Christmas brisket–how perfectly 2010.

Being Jewish here in the ‘burbs of NYC is actually aok.

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