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Father’s day gift baskets that are perfect for your dad

Believe it or not, Father’s Day is right around the corner. Challah Connection knows it’s hard finding that perfect, one of a kind gift to give to your dad because well, dads have it all. That is why we have created gourmet, one of a kind gift baskets especially made for your dad. With our variety of gift baskets created by our experts for this celebratory holiday, Challah Connection is sure to put a smile on your dad’s face. We are offering you gift baskets filled to the brim with gourmet baked goods, treats, and snacks that all fathers love.


Is your dad a baked goods fanatic? Send him our unique Kosher Bakery Classics Care Package filled with decadent babka, fluffy challah, gourmet rugelach, and delicious black and white cookies.  This gift basket is sure to impress your dad’s taste buds. Or surprise him with our Nosh Essentials Basket that’s mixed with both savory and sweet.


Who doesn’t love NYC? Bring your dad back to his childhood by sending him our NYC Food Tour Gift Tower. This unique tower is filled to the brim with traditional and delicious NYC foods. Send this basket knocking on your dad’s door, or surprise him with it at your Father’s Day party. This festive gift tower is sure to have your dad thinking he’s back in the big apple.


We know most dads love eating at a deli which is why we have created the Deluxe Deli Basket. This Father’s day, bring the deli to your dad! Stuffed to the brim with famous NYC bagels, gourmet cheese, kosher salami, rye bread, Dr. Brown cream sodas and so much more. This unique, one of a kind deli basket is sure to have your dad wanting more.

Challah Connection can’t wait to help you celebrate Father’s day the right way. Order your Father’s day gift basket today!


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This Father’s Day, Appreciation Is a Great Gift

As my 3 sons are getting older and more independent—24, 22, 18—and I see them out and about in the world, I am thankful for my husband. I married Josh because unlike the other men I dated who were braggers and selfish, Josh is kind and generous of heart—a true mensch.

The thing about having kids who are on their own is that we are no longer controlling them (if we ever really did). This is not an easy transition for a Jewish mom like me! Now that they are on their own all we can do is hope and pray that the lessons and values we taught them are going to keep them protected and moving in the right direction.

But perhaps even more important now is “Dad.” It is said that boys in particular need a Dad but not having any daughters, I can’t vouch for that. However, I am very grateful that my boys have gotten to see their Dad as a down to earth, hard working and honest person who is good to his wife, his own mother, mother-in-law and family. Josh has his values and priorities straight and I pray that they model themselves after him.

This Father’s Day, I am hoping that my boys will honor their Dad. Fancy gifts are not important but acknowledging him and making an effort to show their appreciation is.

-Happy Father’s Day, Jane Moritz


Jane Moritz is owner of Challah Connection and Kosher Gift Box, the leading online destination for traditional kosher and Jewish gifts.

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A Special Fathers Day Story

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I was thinking about a special Father’s memory to share with you. One of my more memorable Father’s Day experiences occurred a few years back when my dad took my brother and me out to Coney Island for the day. The first thing we did was catch a Brooklyn Cyclones game, the minor league affiliate of the New York Mets. To be honest, it was not the baseball game that I found to be exciting, but just the atmosphere I was surrounded by. I still remember my dad pointing over the left field fence and saying “That’s Astroland, the amusement park that my uncle once owned”. What followed was a lecture on all of his favorite rides, and I could see that he was getting so much enjoyment out of sharing these memories with us.


The real journey came though after the game, as we strolled down the Coney Island Boardwalk. We literally could not walk for thirty seconds without my dad pointing out a great place he used to frequent as a youngster. We stopped at a diner to eat dinner at around 7pm, the same diner that my dad would eat at as a kid. “Just the way I left it,” he said satisfyingly. I could tell because the décor looked like something out of a 1970’s film. Then it hit me, this is what my dad really wanted for Father’s day. He didn’t want to go on an extravagant vacation, but he just wanted to spend the day with his children, and share a memorable part of his life with us. Remember that when you’re out hunting for a Father’s Day gift over the next week. Maybe you can’t make it out to your father’s hometown for the day, but instead try ordering the Jewish Deli Food Crate or a copy of the sports history book titled Great Jewish Men. Use this as a spark to get him to share a story with you about something he cherished as a child. Not only will it make you closer with your dad, but maybe one day you’ll be sharing the same story with your children.

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Introducing Our Line of Jewish Father’s Day Gifts

If you haven’t been keeping up with your calendar lately, Father’s Day falls on June 16th this year. Don’t sweat it though; we have a fabulous new collection of Kosher Father’s Day Gifts that will definitely put a smile on dads face.

Swing for the fences and surprise dad with the Ballparks of the MLB framed wall piece. This attractive, ready to hang piece features 30 cylinders of game-used dirt, one from each ballpark in the Majors, and gives fans an opportunity to “own” a piece of every Major League ballpark. If dad is always trying to give you a lecture on the history of sports, don’t hesitate to order him a copy of Robert Slater’s book titled Great Jews In Sports. Complete with facts, figures, and statistics, Great Jews in Sports documents the contribution of Jewish athletes to the world of sports over the past two centuries.




Is dad the foodie of the family? We’ve got you covered with our vast selection of Kosher Gift Baskets. Check out our NYC Food Tour basket which is an easy way to bring a little bit of the lower-east side into your home. From babka to Bazzinni, from Dr Brown to black and whites, these scrumptious foods have become icons of New York’s immigrant roots. Maybe he’s more interested in the Jewish deli experience, which is why we are introducing the Jewish Deli Gift Crate. Packed with 2 pounds of Hebrew National salami, 8 Lower East Side Black and White cookies, 2 cans Dr. Brown Cream Soda, and much more, you can’t go wrong!

We’re sure most dads are hoping for a money tree this Father’s Day. Here at Challah Connection we can’t guarantee that, but we do have an awesome selection of money clips to keep all of those crisp bills organized. Give dad a chuckle with the Yiddish Proverb Money Clip, which features an engraving that reads, “With money in your pocket, you are wise and you are handsome and you sing well too.”

That’s not all we have though! Click Here to check out our full selection of Father’s Day gifts.

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My Favorite Mensch–My Dad

The summer I turned nine, my parents sent me to camp for the first time. That first day, after filing off the bus in our gingham shorts and sleeveless shirts, we new campers huddled together, nervous, excited, waiting for the camp director to call our names and send us to our bunks. Half way through the list of names, the director called “Tiger Mark,” but no one responded. Eventually, all the names were called, but I didn’t hear my name. Maybe I had gotten on the wrong bus?

“Tiger Mark,” the director called again and smiled at me. Then I understood. I recognized my last name “Mark.” My Dad, ever the jokester, had filled in my name on the camp form as “Tiger.” It was his nickname for me, his way of reminding me, even hundreds of miles away at camp, to set my eye on my goal and never give up. I raised my hand and smiled big. “That’s me,” I said.

Not giving up was the third most important thing my Dad taught me. The second most important? Be straight and clear and true with others. His straightforward approach never caused us to doubt him or question his meaning. Once, for example, when we asked him what death meant, he told us it meant you stopped breathing. So last summer, when he stopped breathing, we knew what it meant. There is a time to not give up, but there’s also a time to let go, my Dad seemed to tell me as he took his last breath.

Despite these profound lessons, one lesson transcends them both. The third most important thing my Dad taught me: love. He loved his family first and best; we always knew it, and we know it still. For his lessons and for his love, I remember and honor my father this Father’s Day. He is my number one mensch.

Who is yours? Please share a short story, essay, or remembrance of your favorite mensch on this blog. To read more about my Dad, Julian Mark click here.

Best, Jane (Tiger Mark) Moritz

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Sam’s Top Challah Connection Father’s Day Gifts

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Summer Means Baseball Means Kosher Beer & Peanuts!

Father’s Day is almost here, and we are so excited about some new products we have created! When we get a little goofy, we head over to the warehouse and try out new combinations of products to see what we think might work well together. This summer we are definitely in a baseball frame of mind!

When we came across these awesome specialty display baseballs, we couldn’t help but think of warm summer days spent in the ballpark watching a live game – whether it’s the Majors (local Yankees, Mets, and Red Sox) or our local minor-league team (the wonderful Bridgeport (CT) Bluefish). Other than watching the game, we think the best thing about being at the stadium is…beer and peanuts!

So putting our wonderful He’Brew Jewbilation 20 oz. kosher beer together with a bag of delicious, kosher salted peanuts-in-the-shell was a no-brainer! Add our adorable Albert Einstein (our favorite Jewish professor) doll, and you’ve got One Nutty Professor

These items, and all of the wonderful offerings on Challah Connection, make terrific kosher gifts – for Father’s Day and any day!

I know my dad is used to getting late cards and gifts from me (since I am always busy getting other people’s gifts sent on time!) – how about yours?

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