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New for 2012: Miracle Brunch Hanukkah Gift Baskets

We Love these Great New Hanukkah Gift Basket Items!

It’s been really fun coming up with great new products to our Hanukkah gift baskets this year. If you’re looking for special Jewish holiday gifts, Challah Connection has a creative selection of Hanukkah baskets that I’ve put together to suit the people on your list.

Kosher Gift Baskets Hanukkah Brunch Basket

Kosher Hanukkah Baskets that make  “Miracle Brunches”

This is a great kosher gift basket for anyone who likes to cook and entertain.Send this Jewish holiday gift to friends or family, and they can whip up some delicious blueberry muffins in adorable Chanukkah muffin cups to serve overnight guests – or themselves!   I love it when there’s an opportunity to make breakfast into a special occasion. There’s also flatbread and gourmet smoked salmon pate in this Hanukkah basket, along with some fantastic Meditalia basil pesto tapenade (great on crackers or in an omelette), and roasted chickpeas for snacking.

We rounded out this great kosher Hanukkah gift with coffee, tea and honey. I couldn’t resist adding a Happy Chanukah dish towel, and topping it all off with some peony foiled chocolates. Yum! It’s a delicious and festive Jewish holiday gift that’s perfect when you’re looking for something a little different, and memorable.

Get your Hanukkah Basket Shipped for December 8th!

When you sign up for the Challah Connection newsletter, you automatically get holiday discounts and shipping priority. This means if you are on our list we will ensure your gifts arrive by the 1st night of Hanukkah (December 8th), if that’s what you request. Don’t forget to sign up!


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Best Corporate Kosher Gifts & Catalog Coming

Hannukkah gift catalog

Need a Kosher Holiday Gift for Clients?

Our new catalog is chock full of wonderful company gifts, with  20 new gift items in our Hanukkah Gifts department. We know you’ll find just the right holiday gift for your clients, but please do call for any help making your selections: 866-242-5524. Here are 3 kosher corporate holiday gifts that you might want to consider. And remember, you save 10% when you order by 11/25/12*


corporate holiday gift rugelah Jewish holidays

Our Rugelach won “Best Mail Order Dessert”

David Rosengarten dubbed this the best, and says it’s one of Sarah Kagan’s “Eight Delicious Hanukkah Gifts.” BUY! $44.99 You may want to have them packaged in a tin with your company’s logo. Makes a great kosher holiday gift for any customer. Contact us and we’ll get it all set up for you!

wine basket holiday gift corporate Jewish gifts

This Elegant Wine Basket is a Stylish Holiday Gift for Clients

Perfect for your clients and customers, with Binyamina Cabernet Sauvignon and delicious gourmet snacks. Stylish, and delicious! BUY! $124.99

Send A Company Gift for Everyone to Enjoy!

Kosher corporate holiday gift

We love this great corporate gift because it has enough treats to make their entire staff smile! Two pounds (seventeen varieties) of artisan chocolate-covered cherries, nuts, and berries from the Pacific Northwest. They’ll love it! BUY! $59.99

Save 10% When You Order by November 25, 2012

Just enter code HAN1210 on the checkout page when you place your order over $60, exclusive of shipping. Cannot be combined with any other offer. This code will also ensure that your order will be delivered by December 8, 1st night of Chanukah, if that is your preference.

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New for 2012: Barefoot Contessa Hanukkah Gift Basket!

Hanukkah gifts cookbook

A Great Kosher Gift Basket  for the Chef on your List

We’re so excited to feature this new Chanukah gift basket built around Ina Garten’s new cookbook “Foolproof.”  Kosher holiday gifts don’t always have to include just food – they can also be about food! We think this Hanukkah gift basket is just the right recipe for a perfect Jewish holiday gift. And I just love Ina Garten’s style of cooking. Did you know that “The Barefoot Contessa” is Jewish by both birth and heritage? She was born “Ina Rosenberg,” in Brooklyn, NY.

I paired the Barefoot Contessa’s newest book with some of her most favorite ingredients: kosher salt and terrific olive oil. Then I topped off this great kosher gift basket with one of Ina’s favorite Jewish desserts, rugelach. (I have to admit, it’s one of my favorite desserts, too!)

You can send one of these great cooking combos as a kosher holiday gift to an aspiring chef on your gift list – a new bride, a student graduating college – and they’ll love it. Or send it to someone who just likes to cook, and I’m sure they’ll find Ina Garten’s recipes are inspiring and delicious. This is a Chanukah gift basket to keep ’em thinking about your thoughtfulness all year long, every time someone asks “What’s for dinner?”!

Hanukkah Starts December 8th!

Have you signed up for the Challah Connection newsletter? You automatically get holiday discounts and shipping priority. This means if you are on our list we will ensure your Jewish holiday gifts arrive by the 1st night of Hanukkah (December 8th), if that’s what you request. Don’t forget to sign up!

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New for 2012: Yiddish Yoga Hanukkah Gift Baskets

An Inspiring Jewish Holiday Gift for Fun and Fitness

Hanukkah gift basket yoga wellness

Boy did we love putting these Hanukkah gift baskets together as a new product this year! I had fun making this combination of Yoga and Yiddish – I just think it makes a super Jewish holiday gift for just about any fitness-minded person on your gift list.

This new kosher Hanukkah gift is an inspiration for the older person on your list especially. It includes a fun book, “Yiddish Yoga,” about a yoga skeptic whose granddaughter gives her a gift of yoga classes. Kvetching, stretching and schvitzing follows as Bubbe starts to find yoga exhilarating. As a yoga lover myself, I know how she feels! The grandma winds up meeting new friends and even changing her outlook on her future – all from a gift given by her granddaughter. Now that’s an inspiring Jewish holiday gift!

Who wouldn’t love to receive this great Hannukkah gift that combines this sweet story with a Yiddish mug, tea with Sarabeth’s honey, and snacks for after yoga? Keep it in mind for any health-conscious people on your Hanukkah gift list. It’s really super for a  young-at-heart grandmother, but I really think anyone who likes yoga would love this Chanukah gift basket!

Get it There by December 8th (First Night of Hanukkah)!

Remember, when you sign up for the Challah Connection newsletter, you automatically get holiday discounts and shipping priority. This means if you are on our list we will ensure your kosher Hanukkah gifts arrive by the 1st night of Chanukkah (December 8th), if that’s what you request. Don’t forget to sign up!

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Hanukkah Traditions

What is Hanukkah About?

Hanukkah is about way more than giving Jewish holiday gifts and eating delicious treats like potato latkes. It’s easy to lose track of the real meaning behind the holidays when so many new holiday traditions are always being created. But let’s take a moment and remember what Hanukkah is all about: it’s a Jewish holiday celebrating the victory of the Maccabees over the Syrian-Greeks, who were trying to wipe out the practice of Judaism.

The Greeks had taken over the Jewish temple and dedicated it to the worship of Zeus and other gods for several years. The temple had even had pigs sacrificed in its midst, obviously a particularly painful slight for the Jews who had worshiped there.

In 167 B.C.E. Antiochus, the Syrian-Greek emperor, made observing Judaism a crime. It was punishable by death! He ordered the Jews to worship his Greek gods, and had his soldiers approach Jewish townspeople to get them to bow down to an idol, and then eat the flesh of a pig. As you can well imagine, this outraged the Jews, of course. One of their High Priests, Mattathias, refused to bow down. He and his five sons began attacking the soldiers, setting off a large battle.

When eventually they won this battle, the Maccabees (as they came to be called) rededicated the holy Temple in Jerusalem.  It had to be purified with ritual oil burned in the temple’s menorah. There was only enough oil to last one day as the Eternal Flame, but it miraculously burned for eight days. Thus, the 8 days of Hanukkah!

Do you know what the word “Hanukkah” actually means? This Hebrew word means “dedication,” since this Jewish holiday commemorates the re-dedication of the holy Temple. One of the funny things about this holiday is its many spellings. Is it Hanukkah? Chanukkah? Or Hannukkah? Since it’s transliterated, it really doesn’t matter! But however you spell it, this is one Jewish holiday everyone loves to celebrate.  Because Hanukkah is all about the miracle of the oil, we use oil in our cooking. The delicious fried foods we make to celebrate include donuts, “sufganiyot,” and potato latkes.

So this year, follow our recipe for delicious potato latkes and while they’re crackling in the pan, take a moment to reflect on the real meaning of Hanukkah: the re-dedication of the temple, and the miracle of the survival of Judaism!

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2011 A Kinder Holiday Season

This holiday season is going to be a remarkable and beautiful one. Simply by the fall of the calendar, people of many faiths will be sharing their holiday traditions—together.

As a Jew, I often feel isolated and left out when so many people around me are celebrating Christmas. Conversely, I know that my Christian friends often feel the same when we are frying up the latkes and lighting the menorah. This year, it will all be different.

This year, Hanukkah spans an 8 day period during which Christmas falls. Even better, Christmas Eve is on Saturday night—party night–and naturally, Christmas day follows on Sunday.

So, what makes this holiday season 2011 different from other holiday seasons?

We will all be celebrating together, on the same day, which is beautiful and remarkable because we will:

For those of you who celebrate both holidays—and I know there are many—this year promises to have less stress and more joy. No need to have 2 celebrations, but rather one, joyous, peaceful one.

What to Bring to a Holiday Celebration
Going to a party where both Hanukkah and Christmas are being celebrated? This is a perfect opportunity to share Hanukkah traditions while also acknowledging Christmas traditions. Potato Latkes, Blue and White Cookies, a Hanukkah gift Basket–all lovely choices for sharing.

I wish you the warmest of holidays seasons. Happy Chanukah and Merry Christmas!

Jane Moritz
Owner, Challah Connection

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Kosher Gifts and More for Hanukkah and Holidays

Here at Challah Connection, we are always developing new kosher gifts for you to share with friends and family. To that end, we travel to many national food shows and gourmet food shops in Manhattan, Brooklyn and our local CT neighborhood–wherever we know fabulous foods exist that can be paired into fabulous kosher gift baskets.

In time for your holiday gift giving, I am pleased to announce terrific new kosher gifts for Hanukkah and Christmas as well as some gorgeous new Judaica (menorahs and dreidels) that we have sourced for Hanukkah. All of these new gifts make terrific Hanukkah gifts and Holiday gift baskets.

One of my favorite new kosher gifts, NYC Food Tour Tower, is a collection of NYC iconic foods such as Dr. Brown’s soda, black and white cookies and more, assembled in sturdy “keeper” boxes that display a dramatic photo montage of NYC and Brooklyn’s top spots.

Another great new gift is our Happy Chanukah Chocolate Gift Box, so happy-looking and delicious.Our new Blissful Brownie Gift Box is great for large volume corporate gift giving or as a gift to Aunt Sue. As for Jewish and Judaica gifts, we have some gorgeous new menorahs, dreidels and decorations from Emily Rosenfeld, Gary Rosenthal, Tamara Baskin as well as a beautiful new ornament.
Shopping for a baseball fan? There are alot of you out there. I know that I will be giving my Yankee-fan-son “Jeter’s 3000 Hit Baseball.” For my nephew, who just moved into his first post-college apartment, what could be better than “Ballparks of the MLB,” a framed piece that includes real dirt from every MLB ballpark? Pretty exciting!

I hope you’ll take a few minutes to peruse our new and “old favorite” holiday gifts. As I hope you realize, we work very hard to find the finest gifts for all of your gift-giving needs. If you have product suggestions, please let me know, we want to hear them!

Jane Moritz
Owner, Challah Connection

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Attention Christmas Shoppers–Get Your Jewish Baked Goods Baskets Here!

Oy, here at Challah Connection, we just love to give our customers a deal on our fabulous kosher gift baskets and now is the time to get one. We generously gave away 10% off merchandise to all of our Hanukkah shoppers who ordered by 12/5 and we were thrilled with all of our new customers who found us through our first-ever catalog. Thank you catalog shoppers!!

Now with Christmas and Chrismukkah upon us, we are thrilled to offer more deals on our scrumptions Christmas gift baskets and Chrismukkah gifts. (For those of you who may not realize, “Jewish” baked goods are very popular and appreciated on Christmas. Of course, this gives us a big-time kvell–Yiddish for pride.) Here’s the deal:

-For online orders $75 and above: Free Ground Shipping and 5% off your order (shipping not included). Use key code: MIRACLE or Click to shop. offer expires 12/19/10

-For online orders $30-$74.99: 5% off your order (shipping not included). Use key code: HI5 or Click to shop. offer expires 12/31/10

For phone orders $75 and above: Free Ground Shipping. Call us at 866-242-5524 to order. offer expires 12/31/10

Happy Holidays–Hanukkah, Christmas, Chrismukkah and any other that you celebrate. We wish you peace and happiness for the holidays–and always.

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Hanukkah Decorations, Who Knew?

I grew up in a household that was somewhere between reformed and orthodox. While that may seem an eclectic mix, in the broader world, it wasn’t: both my were parents Jewish, we all went to Hebrew school and some of us even day school. Needless to say, when it came to December holidays, it was Hanukkah pure and simple–no discussion of trees or bushes although I remember one year, I begged my parents for Christmas-type stockings–“NO.” I did hang an old pair of sweat socks on the mantle and filled it with my own store-bought candy. It was kind of fun but that has been my extent of Christmas involvement.

Last year, here at Challah Connection, we got some requests for items for interfaith families for their celebration of both Christmas and Hanukkah. I have to be honest, I was uncomfortable with the idea. But I came to realize that the truth in 2010 America is that many families are not like the one I grew up in or like the one I have (2 Jewish parents). We quickly got into gear and found some great products for these families. Why not? It brings joy and tradition to their holidays and that is the essence of Challah Connection.

This year, with the introduction of our first catalog, we dedicated one full page to “Chrismukkah,” a holiday best described as a melange of Hanukkah and Christmas traditions. The sales of these products have been astounding! It thrills us that we are providing ways for families to celebrate the holidays. (For any of you who disapprove of these products–and I know there are many–we feel that it is not our place to judge how people celebrate. We are helping people create lasting traditions and family memories, which is our mission.).

Hanukkah Ornament Tree

Hanukkah Ornament Tree with Christopher Radko

But wait…there’s more! Last month, I took a call from a loyal customer who told me that we were short changing our marketing efforts for “Chrismukkah” products. She told me that Jewish families also decorate their houses for Chanukah–not just interfaith or Christmas-celebrating famililes. I was a bit surprised by this given my own background. She explained that she grew up orthodox, her mother survived a concentration camp and that throughout her childhood, her house was filled with Hanukkah decorations. She went on to tell me that many of her Jewish friends also “decorate.” As I often do, I went to my own network of friends and asked about this “Hanukkah Decorating” phenomenon. Sure enough–lots of them do! She recommended some additional items to offer and introduced me to Christopher Radko, a company known for gorgeous blown glass ornaments and also told me about ornament stands. This was a whole new education for me! Last week, with all of the new merchandise in house, ready for a photo shoot I fell in love with the decorating tradition. I LOVE how all of these gorgeous ornaments look and look forward to having them hanging in my house throughout Hanukkah–maybe all through December! How about you–are you going to be “decorating?” Please leave a comment and let us know!!

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Our Holiday Catalog is Almost Here!

Challah Connection 2010 Holiday Catalog

Request a catalog today!

Twenty-four gorgeous color pages showcasing almost 200 great gifts for Hanukkah, Holiday and Chrismukkah. It’s our first catalog and the beginning of an exciting new channel of our business. Who to thank for this exciting growth? YOU, our loyal customers who have come back to us every year, every holiday for over 8 years. If you are not on our mailing list, click on the catalog cover to take you to our catalog sign up form. Watch your mailbox around November 4 for this momentus Challah Connection event!

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