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Just the Right Gifts for Rosh Hashana

rosh hashana breakfast basketHostess Gifts for Rosh Hashana

So you’ve been lucky enough to be invited to a delicious meal to kick off the Jewish New Year – now what can you do to say “thank you”?

After cooking for the Rosh Hashana crowd, your hosts won’t want to think about cooking the next meal! So surprise them with a perfect New Year’s breakfast! Send a Rosh Hashana gift basket including a delicious honey cake, some Bellagio coffee and an assortment of teas, and a jar of Sarabeth’s honey. Instead of dreading the post-meal dish washing, they will go to bed dreaming about a delicious, no-fuss breakfast you’ve provided. And you’ll be the first guest they invite back to break the fast!

Jewish New Year Gifts for the College Crowd

Rosh Hashana tower gift for college students

New college Freshmen can feel lonely on Rosh Hashana. For many it’s their first Jewish holiday spent away from home. Sending a gift for them to share with roommates, dorm residents and friends will kick off their New Year with joy. Everyone loves getting that little “you’ve got a package” slip in their college mailbox. Challah Connection’s Tower of Tradition gives them an exciting bunch of delicious little packages to unwrap and enjoy. They’ve love the traditional fresh apples and honey, rugelach, and amazing chocolate caramel apples. It’s a great way to share their Jewish traditions with college buddies. Or choose to send them a basket of Rosh Hashana essentials: challah, apples and honey, babka and rugelah (yes, we consider rugelah “essential”!). We have many other kosher gift baskets to choose from, too – just visit the website.

Kosher Gifts for Corporate Giving

Corporate gift for Rosh Hashana Jewish New Year

If you’re in need of a Jewish New Year gift for colleagues or clients, especially if you need a kosher gift, our elegant wine gift crate will always be a hit. A bottle of Binyamina Cabernet Sauvignon, delicious smoked sockeye salmon and flatbread crackers, some rugelach and fancy cashew nuts as well as a box of chocolate truffles – what could be a better way to say Happy New Year? The dark seagrass tray is a stylish accessory they’ll want to hold on to. It will always remind them of your thoughtful gesture.

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It’s Graduation time!

Graduation is upon us! At this time of year many parents, grandparents, friends and relatives are searching for the perfect gift–one to congratulate those who have labored many hours in the library studying and writing research papers in order to earn the degree and better themselves for the future. Graduation is a significant event in one’s life and a perfect time to reflect on one’s Jewish beginnings! Here at the Challah Connection, our goal is to make gift giving easier for you by offering appropriate and beautiful gifts. So of course, we have the perfect gift for graduations of many sorts!

One of our favorites and many of our customers’ favorites as well, is the beautiful Judaic Framed Art by Caspi. Recently, a customer who purchased the Business Blessing Judaic Framed Art (below) for her niece, emailed us to say: “My niece loved her graduation gift! She’s going to hang the artwork up in her new office. Thank you!” Since these artworks are so popular, we wanted to give you a behind-the-scene glimpse of their origins with Eran and Mickie Caspi, the delightful couple who own and create Caspi fine art.

Eran gave us really strong points as to why he believes the artwork is so popular. His primary reason being that “the artwork is just beautiful.” The images in the art are pleasing to the eye. The secondary reason is the price. Caspi’s already framed artwork costs less than going out and getting your own artwork framed! As Eran said, “It’s a work of art available as a framed gift ready to go!” And the framed artworks titled “The Lawyer’s Creed” and “The Healing Arts Prayer Framed Art for a Medical Professional” are top sellers for graduation.

Mickie, the artist behind the framed work, attributes her inspiration from everywhere. A certain type of architecture that’s appealing to her, or more evidently scenes of nature, are things that motivate her to create the images in her art. Mickie also likes “to incorporate Jewish motifs and scenes into the art work.”  Many of the poems include biblical aspects as well! Whether it be in the text, such as the  Lawyer’s Creed containing quotes from the Deuteronomy , or in the art with the  Maimonides Prayer, depicting Moses’ brass serpent.  These pieces of art truly come from the hearts of the owners, in an attempt to enter the heart of your recipient. The time and effort behind these pieces of art make it a gift to be cherished.

When we asked Eran if he believes that Caspi’s framed Judaic art is a perfect gift to receive to congratulate one’s accomplishments he replied “Absolutely!” Adding that, “When people receive these framed poems they are getting beautiful works of art. What we have heard from those who have purchased the artwork is that their recipient is touched and moved by the pieces.” So if you are still searching for the perfect graduation gift, do not hesitate to go to our website and order a Framed Judaic Gift. You and your recipient will both earn congratulations!

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Eight Stress Free Nights of Hanukkah

My friend Erica was babbling into the phone.  Something about evil and December and a plot to drive people crazy.

“Erica,” I said. “How many cups of coffee have you had today?”

“Four, but that’s not the point.”

“Okay…well, why did you just say that you loathe the month of December?”

“Because…between my family, and my in-laws, and my office, and my husband’s office, and my kids’ and their friends, and my friends…I just got out a calculator and realized that I have to purchase 64 gifts for Hanukkah this year.”

“Wow.  Well, you don’t have to get really expensive stuff.”

“That’s only one issue.  It’s the combing of websites, it’s the clicking through order forms.  And then I finally order it, and the company wraps it in Christmas paper.  That’s why I’m calling you.  I thought, well, maybe I’ll just ask Challah Connection to send out 64 chocolate babkas.  Or 64 blue and white cookies.”

“Erica, we could do 64 babkas, 64 Hanukkah Candy Platters, whatever you want,” I said. “But don’t you want your gifts to be…you know…unique as the people you’re giving them to?”

“That’s too much to hope for.  Isn’t it?”

“What if I told you that I could send 8 nights of wrapped Chanukah gifts to one address for you and you’d only pay one shipping charge?”

“You have such a service?”


“It’s a Chanukah miracle.”

“It’s just something Sherry and I thought of to help busy people–like us.”

“But I really only need to do 3 nights for my sister’s kids.”

“No problem.”

“You mean, I don’t have to run out and buy tape and wrapping paper and Hanukkah gelt and a menorah and something nice for my Aunt Betsy like maybe…oh, God, what can I get Aunt Betsy?”

“How about “A Treasury of Jewish Holiday Baking” wrapped and shipped for the first night?”Jewish Holiday Baking

“She’ll love that.”

It was music to my ears.

Here’s to a stress-free Hanukkah!



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