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Tips for First Time Seder-goers–Got Some?

I get lots of people calling to place orders on our website: challahconnection, who are ordering Passover gift baskets and Passover desserts to bring to seder. Many of them have never been to a seder and we seem to get into conversations about what the seder is, what happens, what to expect, etc. Of course I give them answers–which are all based on my own experience (fairly one sided)! So I was thinking what better way to get more info than to ask the (blogging) universe!

So imagine this: You meet someone who has been invited to their very first seder and they are nervous. They don’t know what to expect. They don’t know what to wear, what to say, what’s going to happen. They are worried about what THEY’ll have to do/say. What should they bring? What would you tell them? Or, can/will you share your own “first time seder” experience? Perhaps you’ve been going to seders for along time but have a great “first time” story–I’d love to hear it! I remember when I went to a seder at my fiances’ (now husbands) parents house and met all of the family for the first time–well, oy. Please share your stories–would love to hear! Jane Moritz, Challah Connection

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