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Random Acts of Kindness and Other Positive Occurances

In my everyday life, I love it when I hear or see people acting with kindness. I know that sounds preachy and self righteous, and I’m sorry. But, too often I am shaking my head in disbelief when I see people being rude and nasty. I’ve found that it takes as much energy to say or do something nice as it does to say or do something nasty (actually being nasty probably is more exhausting). With that in mind, I’d like to open up a forum for anyone and everyone to share moments or events that you’ve witnessed or taken part in. Please share acts of kindness or other positive occurances. Whether it’s seeing a young child hold a door open for an elderly person, or that you’ve recently delivered food to a family that is suffering from the illness of a family member (my own recent occurance). If you feel like you’re bragging–THAT’S OK. We all want to hear your event, it’s an inspiration to the rest of us. Think of this as Tikkun Olum–repairing the world.

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