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Ashkenazic Sour Cream Cake–It’s a Hit

Well, I’ve heard from several friends asking about last weeks’ cake–what did I bake and how was it? Well, if a picture tells a thousand words, then these pictures show it’s success! I baked an Ashkenazic Sour Cream Coffee Cake, also known as Smeteneh Kuchen. Ther recipe is from Epicurious and I’ll have it on both websites, Challah Connection and Kosher Gift Box, in the next few days. It really was very yummy. It being Thursday, they want to know what I’m baking tomorrow (for those of you who don’t know, I have created the Shabbat Baking Challenge: a different cake every Friday). I think it’s going to be an apple cake. Stay tuned…

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Kosher Cornucopia is now Kosher Gift Box!

Just in time for Purim, we are so pleased that the Kosher Cornucopia family is now a part of Kosher Gift Box!

Kosher Cornucopia is one of the first kosher gift companies, started in the ’80s by 2 energetic and entrepreneurial women. Realizing the need for high quality kosher gifts, the company started as a catalog company and then morphed to an online, ecommerce store. Their hard work paved the way for the entire kosher gift industry that is now growing more than ever.

We are so pleased that the current owners of Kosher Cornucopia have asked us to take good care of their customers as they pursue new dreams and initiatives. After almost 10 years of learning the wants and needs of customers through our companies, Kosher Gift Box and Challah Connection, we feel confident Kosher Cornucopia customers will be very happy with us. As always, we will provide each and every customer with dedicated and attentive customer service along with products that are unique and relevant.

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Today’s Cake–What Will It Be?

Well it being Friday (Shabbat), it’s my day for baking a cake. As I have shared with many of my friends, earlier this month, for Shabbat, I made a coffee cake and my kids just loved it! All weekend I observed them (ages 17 and 12–the 18 year old at college) slicing pieces and eating it with such love. What’s a mother to do? Keep baking! Finally, it feels like they are appreciating my home baking and actually preferring it to oreos. However, I do admit that before Challah Connection and Kosher Gift Box became my 24/7 passion as well as job, I did bake challah every Friday and they loved that. That’s a different story. Anyhow, I now put Challah Connection challah (Zomicks–even I like it) on the table every Shabbat and have switched to cake baking.

The first week (Feb 6), I baked up a recipe from King Arthur Flour for Classic Cinnamon-Nut Coffee Ring. Didn’t use any nuts and substituted vanilla yoghurt for sour cream and vanilla. I thought it was ok, but my “customers” loved it, as I already mentioned. Even my husband Josh, who looks at desserts like they are evil, went for it with relish.

Last week, it was a chocolate bundt cake from Williams Sonoma. Again, they liked it, but my psychotic oven overcooked it (we have one of those “fancy” brands that broke down after about 6 months. That was 10 years ago.) We went to a pot luck dinner party the next night and I “stole” the cake from the house and recycled it into what you see here: chocolate raspberry cake (my chocolate cake on bottom, Trader Joe defrosted frozen raspberries and whipped cream). Pretty Good.

Well for today, I’ve got my recipe ready. Stay tuned for a picture and recipe.

P.S. I mentioned that I “recycled” the cake into what you see here; in these days of lean spending, I am really having alot of fun challenging my creative juices to see how I can spend less on food by recycling yesterdays left-overs into todays gourmet meals. Will keep you posted on my successes.

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Can’t Take Your Order Now–Making French Toast

My son (the upcoming bar mitzvah boy), is sick. Had to take a break from our flood of Valentine’s orders to make some French toast. I have to say, mine is really pretty excellent. I attribute it to 3 things: 1) inclusion of vanilla (along with the egg, milk and cinnamon) and 2)frying it in a combo of butter and oil 3) Challah!! Of course all of the french toast mavens recommend challah or brioch. After many years of whole wheat bread (my kids like it), I’m definitely on the challah bandwagon. Besides, we seem to always have it around, wonder why :-)?
Okay, resume your orders–back at my desk!

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Shopping for Bar Mitzvah Invitiations

Just met with a very nice “invitation lady” and started this process for the third time. This is for my 3rd son, Mike, whose Bar Mitzvah is on June 3. I was pretty surprised when I pulled up in her driveway for 2 reasons:

1) For our last Bar Mitzvah (Harry), we did them ourselves. But since I feel like my computer is attached to me I saw no reason to add more time in front of it. What a luxury to have someone else take care of this!

2) It’s so early (for me)! Seeing that I like to wait to almost the last minute for just about everything, I was just surprised that I started on time! Just imagine how good I’d be at this if I have a few more kids (not).

So here’s a picture of the invitation that I like, guaranteed my husband and son will not approve (why even bother showing Mike?? Why have that power at 12 years old?)
I wrote an article for my website about planning a Bar Mitzvah. That was back in 2003. Let’s see if I can follow my own advice! Stay tuned to find out!

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