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Kosher Cornucopia is now Kosher Gift Box!

Just in time for Purim, we are so pleased that the Kosher Cornucopia family is now a part of Kosher Gift Box!

Kosher Cornucopia is one of the first kosher gift companies, started in the ’80s by 2 energetic and entrepreneurial women. Realizing the need for high quality kosher gifts, the company started as a catalog company and then morphed to an online, ecommerce store. Their hard work paved the way for the entire kosher gift industry that is now growing more than ever.

We are so pleased that the current owners of Kosher Cornucopia have asked us to take good care of their customers as they pursue new dreams and initiatives. After almost 10 years of learning the wants and needs of customers through our companies, Kosher Gift Box and Challah Connection, we feel confident Kosher Cornucopia customers will be very happy with us. As always, we will provide each and every customer with dedicated and attentive customer service along with products that are unique and relevant.

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