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Hanukkah ended last Saturday, December 19th, and what a Hanukkah it was! For those of my friends who celebrated Hanukkah, I hope you enjoy the respite between the Eight Nights and New Year’s Eve. For those of my friends who celebrate Christmas, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! For my friends who celebrate both holidays, which we have fondly dubbed “Chrismukkah,” do check out our Traditions in a Box that honor interfaith families. We even have Red and White Cookie Tin

It seemed that this holiday shopping season started earlier than the year before, and only picked up steam as we got closer to Hanukkah. And once we were into the actual holiday…forget about it! The phone was ringing off the hook! I was glad to see that Challah Connection was up to the challenge of providing terrific gifts to our legions of fans. I’d sooner go out of business than ship a package that I myself wouldn’t be thrilled to receive, and I’m proud to say that despite the excitement of high demand we never sacrificed on the best ingredients.

I was struck by the incredible fact that, despite our country’s recession, people still enjoy observing traditions. Maybe these are what helps us through the hard times. Whether it is a funny T-shirt or a gourmet, deluxe-sized gift basket, our customers came out in full force to bestow tokens of love and good wishes on friends and family. (Thanks to the many of you who emailed–we’ll include these in a future posting.)

As wonderful as Hanukkah was for me personally, celebrations can’t go on forever. It’s now time to clean the wax off our menorahs (anyone have any good tips? please send them in) wrap up the dreidels, and polish off the remaining gelt. Time to enjoy the people we love.



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