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Challah Connection and Halloween Cookies

This afternoon, we emailed all of our customers letting them know that we have Halloween Black and Orange cookies. You would think that we were advertising illegal drugs to minors! Within minutes I received several angry emails. Here is a taste of a few of them:
– “Challah Connection supporting Halloween?”
-“Why does the challah connection sell Holloween stuff. Please unsubscribe me from your email list.”
-“Halloween is not exactly a Jewish holiday. This really is inappropriate.”
-“I must confess, I’m not sure which Jewish occasion Halloween is. Please unsubscribe me from your email list as soon as possible.”
-“kind of weird, no?”

As a business owner–one who has sweated over growing this business for 8 years–you NEVER want to see a customer get angry over something you’ve done. Unsubscribing to our email list is even worse, feeling like the ultimate act of abandonment. To those I offended, I deeply apologize and I hope you’ll reconsider unsubscribing.

To answer the question of “why do we support Halloween?” Simply, because it is an occasion to apply our mission: to help our customers share holiday traditions with delicious Jewish inspired goodies. It’s really that simple. We build community through our kosher food gifts.

Interestingly, the Halloween cookies were baked in response to several customers who called and asked for them. Our experience with requests like this is that they represent a broader interest in a product. We felt that the black and orange cookie idea was a great one as it is a spin on the traditional, Jewish black and whites.

Again, we deeply apologize to those of you who are offended by these cookies. It was not our intention to upset or offend. Rather, it was our can-do attitude that quickly pulled together the product and made them available.

We hope you will reconsider our actions and see us as the ambitious mensches that we are.

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