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The Mom Network—A Network of Super Powered Women

My 20 year old, Sam, is currently planning his senior year living arrangements. He is attempting to secure the perfect housing for him and his best buds, for their last year of college.

All was going swimmingly well for him, the independent kid that he is, until I got a call from the Mom of one of his friends. This Mom is particularly knowledgeable about the college town where the school is because 1) she lives 1.5 hours away vs. me who lives 9 hours away and 2) her father in law and brother in law live in the town and have been providing her with pictures and inside “scoop” on the house. MH, as I’ll call her, called to let me know that she “has serious concerns about the boys living in this house.” Well, I had already figured that it was a dump given that 4 20 year olds were choosing it. But MH gave me more info that indeed had me worried. I quickly grasped what she was saying and was now just as concerned as she. Here’s what happened next through the eyes of Sam as posted on his blog,The Crackers. (Please note that Sam, an avid blogger gives names to all of the people in his posts. The house is question is “Green Solace.” My name, well chosen is “Challah Queen”):

I’m sitting at the drive through of Burger King with Donkey Kong and Cheese Stache when my phone buzzes. The Challah Queen: “not sure how I feel abt you living in the whore house.”

(To clarify, there is a “for rent to six whole students” sign which hangs off the porch of Green Solace, one which during homecoming became the brunt of a drunken alumni’s edit. In permanent red marker, he squiggled in an “R,” replacing the “L” in “whole.”)

Initially perplexed (and slightly disgruntled) as to how my mom acquired photographic evidence of the spell change, I immediately called her.

But I was not at all surprised when I learned the source of her information.

The following is why I am sharing this with you:

Readers, as you’ve probably deduced from personal experience, moms have super powers. They can gauge the emotions of their children with frightening precision; can locate their children as if from a satellite chart; and, perhaps worst of all, they are able to infiltrate agendas of their children with ease.

Even while being hundreds of miles away, The Challah Queen still knows what is going on in my life.

How do they always know?

Part of it is The Mom Network.

An intangible cradle of information which transmits from mother to mother. A pot luck supplied by a matriarchal ring unified by their children. (The term “book club” is really just a facade for an appropriate forum for discussion.)

All you Moms who are reading this: don’t you just love this? We ARE super powerful and even they know it! As I explained to my beloved child, we don’t try to be this way, it’s just part of the MOMDNA. It’s not about snooping for info or trying to thwart them, it’s just that when you give birth to these creatures, even when they separate and live hundreds or thousands of miles away, we are still so connected, so full of innate understanding (until they do something really ridiculous in which claim no lineage whatsoever, right?).

While the MOMDNA allows for our steroidal intuition, it is also, as Sam has deduced, the network of mom-sisters who give us solid intelligence that either supports our intuition or puts in into it’s proper place (sometimes our imaginations/fears DO get away from us). Long live the MOM Network and us Super Powering Moms!

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