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Kvelling is a Community Activity

KVELL: Do you know the meaning of this soulful Yiddish word?

It means to gush with pride.

I hope that you have had much to kvell about recently. Something great that you did that brought happiness to someone? Or maybe one of your kids or grandkids did something kvell-worthy?

Well, we Challah “Connectors” are kvelling right along with one of our customers and his grandmother. Here’s a story for us all to kvell about. Read it and at the end, I will tell you why we should all be proud, why we should all be a community of kvellers.

Hi Jane:

I just wanted to let you know that my grandmother was the happy recipient of
a Challah and Babka this past Saturday – just in time for breaking the Yom
Kippur fast. I sent the Challah to my 95 year old (!) grandmother in
upstate New York. She is very healthy, but two weeks ago she slipped and
fell, and while she didn’t break anything, she’s had to take a break from
her normal busy schedule to rest and recover. Also, this year, since
everyone was travelling/not home, she was going to be spending the holiday
without family. I spoke with her last Friday and she said she wished she
could drive downtown and at least buy a Challah to break the fast, but she
probably wasn’t going to be up to making the trip…

Imagine her delight when the next day, a beautiful challah and cake arrived
at her door. It really cheered her up and gave her a much needed boost –
she said it was one of the best, most special gifts she’d ever gotten. I’m
very appreciative to you and your company for making this happen! As I’m
sure you already are, you can be very proud of what you’re bringing to
people! It’s not just bread, it’s also love…

Best wishes!

“It’s not just bread, it’s also love…” I am kvelling over this statement as all of you Challah Connection gift givers should too. When you send someone something as simple as a challah you are sending a tradition, a sweetness and a part of yourself–which is love. That is the true essence of gift giving. Give yourself a moment to kvell over your good deed.

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