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New Kids’ Hanukkah Gift Basket Items

New Hanukkah Gift Ideas for Kids

Who gets more excited about Hanukkah, do you think: kids, or grandparents? It’s true that it’s more fun to give than receive, but don’t try telling that to any children you know under the age of 6 or 8 for sure! Whether you’re giving little Hanukkah gifts each of the eight nights, or just giving one super special holiday gift to the little folks on your list, we’ve got some great new items you’ll love to give almost as much as they’ll love to receive!

Books for Hanukkah

chanukah gifts for children books

Looking for some wonderful little gift items for your kinderlach? We love these great little Chanukah stories! This is a great set of books to pair with other children’s Hanukkah gifts. BUY! $17.99

kids cooking gift Hanukkah

Kids in the Kitchen!

It’s the heart of every Jewish home, so get those kids cooking with this perfect Hanukkah gift for any child ages 6 and up. It includes the “Chanukah Treats for Kids” cookbook, with 8 Hanukkah recipes (including latkes!) – one for each night of the holiday. BUY! $54.99

Double the Hanukkah Gifting Fun

Hanukkah gift puzzleThis engaging puzzle helps kids learn about the miracle of Hanukkah while keeping them busy with large pieces designed just for small fingers! Perfect for ages 5-9. BUY! $19.99

Hanukkah traditions gift basketTradition, Tradition!

This Hanukkah gift basket of traditions is just right for 2-to-5-year olds. Get them started learning about the holiday with The Complete Guide to Hanukkah book, a Baby Yiddish book, a plush menorah, numbered candles, gelt coins, dreidel and more! All of the holiday traditions in one great Hannukkah gift basket!  BUY! $84.99

Get your Hanukkah Basket Shipped for December 8th!

When you sign up for the Challah Connection newsletter, you automatically get holiday discounts and shipping priority. This means if you are on our list we will ensure your gifts arrive by the 1st night of Hanukkah (December 8th), if that’s what you request. Don’t forget to sign up!


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