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Christmas & Holiday Gift Giving

Non-Denominational Holiday Gifts: Do it Right, Make it Special

Whatever holiday your friend, colleague or family is celebrating this season, we’ll help you send the perfect gift. At Challah Connection we love helping people send high-quality, delicious gifts to people celebrating so many different joyous events in life. We can help you decide on just the right kosher holiday gift that we know anybody would appreciate, even if they don’t know what “kosher” means. That’s because when it comes from Challah Connection, what they’ll really see is your thoughtfulness in sending such a splendid and delectable gift!

Americans generally think of Hanukkah, Christmas and now Kwanzaa as “the” winter holidays. But there are other joys celebrated this time of year as well.

December 8th is Bodhi Day, marking the day that the Buddha experienced enlightenment (“Bodhi”). The winter solstice is on December 21st, which a friend of mine’s yoga center celebrates with a Winter Solstice kirtan. They close out the year with an ancient fire ceremony called a “homa hotra” – you write on one piece of paper what you need to let go of from the past, and on another what you wish for the future. Then you throw your papers into the homa hotra fire and send their messages toward the heavens in the flame and smoke. Sounds a lot like some Jewish New Year activities, doesn’t it?

December 21 is also the beginning of the Hindu festival of Pancha Ganapati, celebrated through December 25 in honor of Lord Ganesha, Patron of Arts and Guardian of Culture. Of course then there’s Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which is followed by Boxing Day in British enclaves. December 26th is also the beginning of Kwanzaa, which is celebrated through January 1st.

There are so many lovely holiday traditions to celebrate across many faiths. Sending a non-denominational holiday gift can really be the best way to go to show you care and you wish them happiness and peace. Here are some great ideas of what to send.

kosher corporate gifts pure essentials

Everyone loves challah and it makes a wonderful batch of holiday French toast – no matter what holiday that is! And this cheery basket includes delicious ethnic treats like babka and rugelach while being decorated in a cheerful yet non-specific holiday way.  BUY! $94.99

wine basket holiday gift corporate Jewish gifts

Celebrating any of the winter holidays is more cheerful with our elegant wine basket gift. It is a kosher certified holiday gift, but it is also totally non-denominational. A bottle of wine and some sweet and savory treats to enjoy with it – sounds like a holiday to us!  BUY! $124.99

We’re Here to Help!

Call us for any help you need in selecting the right holiday gift for your clients and colleagues. We’ll make sure whatever you select is culturally appropriate, right down to how you wish them a happy holiday – whatever holiday they’re celebrating! Orders placed by 12/18/12 can be shipped for just $9.99 flat rate ground shipping, and there’s no minimum order. (You could save an average of $6.50!)

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