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Celebrate Tu B’Shvat

Celebrating Trees on Tu B’Shvat

Tu B’Shvat is celebrated by planting trees and eating fruits and nuts. It’s a bit too chilly here in the US to plant trees right now, but we can surely celebrate with some delicious kosher gift baskets of fruits and other delicious treats!

Marking “The New Year for Trees”

Why a new year? Because the Torah says fruit from Israeli trees can’t be eaten during the first three years of the tree’s life. The fourth year of fruit is set aside for G-d, and then in the fifth year the tree’s fruit can be harvested and eaten. The fifteenth day of the month of Shvat is used as an arbitrary date to begin counting those years, even if the tree was just planted a few weeks before that date.

Fruit Baskets are the Perfect Tu B’Shvat Gift

kosher gift basket Tu B'shvat fruits

Send your friends and family a special Tu B’Shvat gift basket with 4 pounds of fresh fruit in a lovely keepsake wicker basket! It includes cashews, unsalted peanuts and truffles to enjoy with that delicious fruit bounty. This gift basket shouldn’t be in transit more then 2 days. BUY $74.99

kosher gift basket nuts dried fruit Tu B'ShvatSend California’s Best Natural Treats

Here’s an elegant idea for this Jewish holiday: share our elegant wooden crate filled with 5 of California’s finest gems; dates, pears, pistachios, turkish apricots and Berry Blossom Trail Mix. We know California isn’t Israel, but this kosher gift basket is certainly in the spirit for Tu B’Shvat! BUY $44.99

gluten free fruit basket Kosher giftA Gluten Free Gift Basket Option

Looking for a gluten free gift basket? We love this kosher gift basket that’s centered around fresh fruit and also adds in some gluten free treats. Our all-natural Chocolate Rugelach that is not only gluten free, but also dairy free, nut free and soy free. An accompanying tin of Torie and Howard Organic hard candy is gluten free as well. BUY $79.99

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