Friday Babka Baking

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to bake last Friday as we were happily busy with Purim orders. So I hope today’s baking will make up for it. As I am typing, I am smelling the chocolate babka that is baking in my oven. It is divine!! I am feeling pretty cocky about the outcome of this week’s baking! While it’s baking, here are a couple of shots that I think are interesting. They show how a babka is made–it’s a simple yeasted sweet dough, that I made in my bread machine. Then you roll it out and schmear (yiddish for smear) a chocolate paste that I made in my food processor (photo below left). Finally, roll it up like a jelly roll, cut it in half and bake it in a tube pan (photo above right). Stay tuned for the baked version!!

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