Gather a Special Bouquet for this Rosh Hashana

I love Rosh Hashana because it’s a moment to rethink, reset and restart.

I ponder: How did my year go? Where am I going with my life? How can I be a better, happier person?

We hear it alot, but I really do think it all begins with gratitude. This means to me, gratitude for the simplest things: that I woke up today! that my husband, family and dog did too! Oh and those gorgeous bananas waiting for me for breakfast! Simple things that make me kind of giddy. With each birthday I realize the value of these simple things and honestly,  I think I am happier than ever (please don’t think that I don’t have my struggles and worries, I do!).

For the upcoming year, 5778, I plan to keep working on my gratitude quotient as I know I could have even more. I am also inspired to learn more about the world (reading, travelling, talking) and seeking out more diverse people with whom to learn and interact. I am so inspired by this sentiment below written by a young woman who had just returned from an awe-inspiring trip to Israel:

Most of all, I have learned that to have a beautiful bouquet of flowers, you need variety. Different kinds of personalities, different people in your life, and various streams of religion and beliefs, and when you tie your bouquet with a ribbon and bring all of these differences together, life is beautiful. 

These words really resonate with me, perhaps you too. Shana Tova!


Jane Moritz

Chief Maven Officer

Challah Connection

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