Passover Starts March 29

It’s amazing and exciting that the days are noticeabley getting longer. After all of the snow and frigid temperatures, I am beginning to feel a sense of spring excitement coming on. I may even take my dog for a walk later!

Of course the warmer weather means that Passover is also coming. No rest for the weary here at Challah Connection. While some of our crew is packing up leftover Purim graggers, the rest of us are making the finishing touches on this year’s Passover Gifts. Later this week, we have a scheduled photo shoot so we can add them to our Challah Connection and Kosher Gift Box sites.

We are going to be offering several new and exciting Passover Gift Baskets as we have sourced some great new products as well as some traditional favorites. The buzz at this year’s Kosherfest was about the reappearance of Barton’s Almond Kisses after it was announced last year that they were being discontinued. You can count on us to carry them along with Matzel Toff, another exciting product that will be included in our kosher gift baskets. If you didn’t catch it in the Spring, the Matzel Toff folks were on The Martha Stewart Show showing how they make this yummy Passover treat. Chocolate Frogs? Why of course! A customer emailed asking for them and they are now on our site (Note: they are kosher, not Kosher for Passover). Chocolate Seder Plates are in full blossom at Challah Connection as are Kosher for Passover rugelach, macaroons and rainbow cookies. You’ll be able to purchase these classic baked goods separately or in our Passover Bakery Tower, which will be live on our site soon. New this year is the Passover 2-Sided Puzzle; a perfect afikomen gift. This is just a small preview of what’s in the works for Passover. You can be sure that we will have great Passover gifts for everyone on your list: from young kids to college kids to business associates and all of the rest of us in between.

I often get asked how we plan our holiday inventory. That is always an “interesting” exercise! For those of you with inquiring minds, here it is from the horse’s mouth: GUESSWORK!! Prior to every holiday, we decide exactly what kosher gift baskets and other gifts will comprise our holiday selection. Once that’s done, we make sales projections; for example 50 of this Passover Basket and 40 of this kosher gift, etc. Now it would be lovely if we could simply look at the previous years’ sales and increase it by our growth rate. But what I have learned is that as soon as you change the holiday offering by even one product, all of those projections are out the window. This year we have several new Passover Gift Baskets, so that means we are back to the “GUESSWORK.” Just please do me a favor: whatever we sell, buy every single one! Nobody wants macaroons in July.

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