Chrismukkah is Coming, Too!

We are in full “Hanukkah Mode” here at Challah Central, but don’t forget about Chrismukkah–it’s coming too! “What is Chrismukkah,” you might ask?

Last year, Sherry, our Director of Customer Service, was in search of a suitable gift for her brother (Jewish) and his wife (non-Jewish). Sherry wanted to give a gift that honored the two holidays that they observe, Hanukkah and Christmas. Our brainstorming lead to research which then lead to the recognition that Sherry’s quandary, sometimes called the “December Dilemma,” is extremely common! There are many of you who are celebrating both Hanukkah and Christmas and in doing so, have taken traditions from both. This is what we call “Chrismukkah.”

Our research led us to the book, Chrismukkah, by Ron Gompertz. The book takes a light-hearted look at the celebration of what we all have in common, not what makes us different. While Chrismukkah is not a holiday with a date on the calendar, Ron claims that it is a state of mind for the season. It is a multi-cultural, mish-mash of the cherished holiday rituals we grew up with. Chrismukkah is a way intermarried families of Christians and Jews can share the holidays. It’s customizable to suit the individual celebrants and their extended families.

In time for the holidays, we have developed a few Chrismukkah gifts, including Chrismukkah Traditions in a Box and Oy to the World—A Klezmer Christmas. We are feverishly developing more gifts, as we speak.

Speaking of the Chrismukkah book, this week I will fill you in on my conversation with the author. Stay tuned.

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