Kosher Corporate Holiday Gifts

Kosher Corporate Gifts for Jewish Colleagues

It’s tricky enough to find the ideal corporate gift. When it’s a company holiday gift for a Jewish colleague, it can be even more complicated! Not all Jews keep kosher, but when you’re sending a holiday gift you want to be extra careful to make the best impression. Sending kosher corporate holiday gifts from the Challah Connection will give you total peace of mind, and we’ll make the selection process super easy. We even help you with the most appropriate gift card language!

Our kosher certified company gifts will make you look like a gifting superstar! Whether your colleagues keep kosher or not, they’ll appreciate that our corporate holiday gifts are very high quality and kosher certified. Here are some kosher corporate gifts to consider sending your Jewish colleagues.

kosher corporate gifts pure essentials

This Corporate Holiday Gift is a Best Seller

This is a kosher holiday gift that’s been one of our top sellers for close to 8 years. Fresh and delicious baked goods that are great for Hanukkah and Christmas – a fresh challah (think:french toast), our signature babka and favorite rugelach, and gourmet dried fruits. These baked goodies are always shipped in peak freshness, so they can’t be in transit more than 3 days. Send it soon!  BUY! $94.99


Send a Corporate Gift for the Whole Office

kosher corporate gifts Hanukkah Christmas

When you need a corporate holiday gift that makes a whole office happy, this is the one to choose! It’s for up to 12 people, and includes a mix of delectable sweets and special savories. Granny Smith Apple Coffee Cake, rugelach, and California dried fruits are complemented by savory treats including gourmet Brazilian cashews, Meditalia Basil Tapenade and Smoked Salmon Pate. And they’ll love the non-denominational white tin and wicker basket adorned with snowflakes. BUY! $199.99


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Holiday Gifts for Colleagues

Should you Send a Kosher Corporate Gift?

If you’re looking for a kosher holiday gift for a colleague, Challah Connection is here to help you out, and help you make the best impression with your colleagues! Sending a kosher holiday gift to a colleague is a thoughtful gesture they will appreciate, regardless of whether they keep kosher or not. Sending a company holiday gift from the Challah Connection is a simple way to ensure your colleague is getting the perfect gift. We’ll even help you with the most appropriate gift card language! Our kosher certified company holiday gifts will make you, and your company, look great!

What Is “Kosher-Certified”?

Our kosher corporate holiday gifts feature products that are of the highest quality, and are kosher certified. That means all the ingredients used to prepare the product are kosher, and the production process itself is also kosher. Certified kosher products are specially labeled to identify the rabbi or kosher certification agency that certified them.  Remember that old commercial for Hebrew National? Kosher holiday gifts really do answer to a higher authority!

kosher corporate gifts pure essentials

What if My Colleague Celebrates Hanukkah and Christmas?

Here are two wintery-looking corporate holiday gifts you might want to choose from.

This cheerful non-denominational gift basket will appeal to everyone. It’s been a top seller here for many years. While this is a kosher holiday gift it really is also appropriate for colleagues who celebrate Christmas. Jewish or not, everyone loves challah and it makes a wonderful batch of holiday French toast! Gourmet treats like babka and rugelach are holiday treats anyone can appreciate. This is a great corporate holiday gift for an office where you have Jewish colleagues and colleagues who celebrate Christmas.  BUY! $94.99

wine basket holiday gift corporate Jewish gifts

Our elegant wine basket is also a stylish and elegant choice for clients and colleagues who celebrate any of the winter holidays. It is a kosher certified holiday gift, but it is also totally non-denominational. A bottle of wine and some sweet and savory treats to enjoy with it – sounds like a holiday to us!  BUY! $124.99

We’re Here to Help!

Call us for any help you need in selecting the right holiday gift for your clients and colleagues. We’ll make sure whatever you select is culturally appropriate, right down to how you wish them a happy holiday – whatever holiday they’re celebrating! Orders placed by 12/18/12 can be shipped for just $9.99 flat rate ground shipping, and there’s no minimum order. (You could save an average of $6.50!)

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