Going Gluten-Free and Kosher Too!

The spirit of the Jewish holidays is in full swing at Challah Connection. We welcomed Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and embraced the more solemn occasion of Yom Kippur. Not far behind was the applause for the fall harvest during Succos and the joyous holiday of Simchat Torah. We now look forward to finishing the year with more festivities, starting with Thanksgiving and concluding with Hanukkah.

As we prepare our holiday meals, we are focusing on healthy eating. In our own families, we have become very aware of Celiac disease (CD), also referred to as gluten-sensitive enteropathy (GSE), which is intolerance to gluten. According to CSACeliacs.org, it is considered to be the most under-diagnosed common disease today, potentially affecting 1 in every 133 people in the United States.

Healthy eating, however, does not mean compromising good taste. Sherry Jonas, Challah Connection Director of Customer Service, made our noodle kugel recipe for Rosh Hashana, but substituted egg noodles with gluten-free brown rice penne for her mother, who has Celiac disease. The response from her family was overwhelmingly positive. Her mother enjoyed it as did her two daughters, ages 7 and 10. She brought some leftovers to work and I concur, it was delicious! Gluten-free kugel is now a part of her family’s holiday tradition and she will make this again and again.

We plan to add more gluten-free products to our current offerings of nuts, cookies and an apple pie snack bar. Our Divine Kosher Cookbook includes over 450 recipes including 70 gluten-free and 300 lactose-free (pareve). Do you have any gluten-free recipe suggestions? Please leave them in the comments section.

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