Ordinary Miracles

treelifemensmTonight is the first night of Hanukkah and, to be honest, I’m pretty exhausted. When my kids asked me at dinner the other night what I wanted, I was at a loss: new exercise clothes? More yoga classes? I must work so much that I don’t even know what’s out there to want!

But it is good work, and for that I am grateful. Here at Challah Connection, we have been working hard for the last few weeks to create and ship our best Hanukkah and holiday gifts yet! I’m so proud of our growth and accomplishment and thank all of you for this gift you have given to us.

But when I think about what the first night means to me, my first reaction is: it’s here AGAIN? The time is just going so fast!  I can remember when I had three young sons, each with his own particular interests, but all pretty much “male.”  I can remember wrapping dump trucks (in brightly colored pillowcases—I inherited Mom’s eco-friendly approach even before it was fashionable) and giant boxes of Legos.

Now, with the boys ranging from teenage to young adult, the gifts are more subtle, not so easy to stuff into a pillowcase.  One wants to donate funds to help inner city kids.  Another wants to go on a trip.  The youngest still wants tangible things, but they’re smaller and come with a computer chip.

But they’re still my boys.  That hasn’t changed.

Hanukkah is not a religious holiday. It’s a commemoration of a fantastic miracle and that’s the part that I plan to dwell on. I am thinking about all of the miracles and blessings I have in my life: my wonderful and supportive husband, my 3 beautiful children, my healthy parents and mother -in-law, my friends and my fun and growing business. These are my miracles.

Tonight when we eat latkes and light the menorah for the first time this year, I will be looking across the table at 3 faces that I love; Josh, Harry and Mike (Sam will still be at school) and I will feel so blessed that I have them to share these events—and my life—with. What are your miracles?

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