Today’s Cake–What Will It Be?

Well it being Friday (Shabbat), it’s my day for baking a cake. As I have shared with many of my friends, earlier this month, for Shabbat, I made a coffee cake and my kids just loved it! All weekend I observed them (ages 17 and 12–the 18 year old at college) slicing pieces and eating it with such love. What’s a mother to do? Keep baking! Finally, it feels like they are appreciating my home baking and actually preferring it to oreos. However, I do admit that before Challah Connection and Kosher Gift Box became my 24/7 passion as well as job, I did bake challah every Friday and they loved that. That’s a different story. Anyhow, I now put Challah Connection challah (Zomicks–even I like it) on the table every Shabbat and have switched to cake baking.

The first week (Feb 6), I baked up a recipe from King Arthur Flour for Classic Cinnamon-Nut Coffee Ring. Didn’t use any nuts and substituted vanilla yoghurt for sour cream and vanilla. I thought it was ok, but my “customers” loved it, as I already mentioned. Even my husband Josh, who looks at desserts like they are evil, went for it with relish.

Last week, it was a chocolate bundt cake from Williams Sonoma. Again, they liked it, but my psychotic oven overcooked it (we have one of those “fancy” brands that broke down after about 6 months. That was 10 years ago.) We went to a pot luck dinner party the next night and I “stole” the cake from the house and recycled it into what you see here: chocolate raspberry cake (my chocolate cake on bottom, Trader Joe defrosted frozen raspberries and whipped cream). Pretty Good.

Well for today, I’ve got my recipe ready. Stay tuned for a picture and recipe.

P.S. I mentioned that I “recycled” the cake into what you see here; in these days of lean spending, I am really having alot of fun challenging my creative juices to see how I can spend less on food by recycling yesterdays left-overs into todays gourmet meals. Will keep you posted on my successes.

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